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CRISPR cGMP gRNA Manufacturing

For customers looking to accelerate their CRISPR genome editing program from discovery to clinical trials, our Engineering Run and full cGMP guide RNA manufacturing services offer a streamlined and regulatory-compliant solution. Backed by comprehensive documentation, our guide RNAs simplify regulatory filings, offering a straightforward path to clinical success.

Lab to life changing advances. We’ll help.


IDT is a global leader in CRISPR genome editing with a complete workflow from design to analysis. Our CRISPR product portfolio includes a comprehensive set of tools, reagents, and services for all your genome editing needs, including discovery, preclinical research, and clinical applications. As your trusted partner, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services to help accelerate your research and bring your discoveries to life.

  • Proven excellence: For more than 35 years, IDT has been enabling genomic research with an oligonucleotide manufacturing process unlike anyone else in the industry. Our expertise ensures a reliable partner in your journey from research to clinical applications.
  • State-of-the-Art facility: Experience the benefits of our 41,000 square foot Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Facility designed to provide the CRISPR cGMP guide RNA manufacturing grades to align with your development path, supporting you from preclinical studies to clinical trials.
  • Comprehensive quality control: We prioritize quality with thorough Quality Control (QC) and analytical testing. Each CRISPR guide RNA meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.
  • Regulatory support aligned to clinical phases: IDT is prepared to support you with required information tailored to your unique needs, based on use, clinical program phase, and modality. Navigate regulatory requirements with confidence.
  • Dedicated expert team: Your project is in the hands of a dedicated, cross-functional team of professionals at IDT. Each team member is an expert in their field, working diligently to ensure the success of your CRISPR therapeutics program.

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Rapidly move from the lab to therapeutic clinical trials. We’ll help.

Explore our advanced cGMP manufacturing facility, designed to expedite your journey from research to clinical applications. Watch our brief video to see how we streamline your innovative CRISPR solutions to move them rapidly from the lab to life-changing advances.

Product details

IDT’s guide RNAs produced at its Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Facility deliver the high-quality current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) material required for successful completion of your preclinical studies and clinical trials.

Engineering run: Synthetic guide RNA produced by the same manufacturing process as cGMP products but with limited Quality Assurance documentation.

cGMP: Synthetic guide RNA manufactured under cGMP-certified conditions and includes full Quality Assurance Documentation.

Engineering RuncGMP
AvailabilityDelivery times after placing the orderDelivery times after placing the order
CleanroomCertification not requiredISO 8 Clean Room – Certified
ChangeoverIn-place with cleaning validationIn-place with cleaning validation
MaterialsQA release on raw materialsQA release on raw materials
Batch RecordsDraft based on customer’s specificationsBased on customer specification
Release TestingQualified methodsValidated methods

Through comprehensive quality control and analytical testing, we are committed to ensure that our therapeutic oligonucleotides consistently meet the regulatory requirements to accelerate your project and bring your discoveries to life.

IdentityMolecular WeightESI-MS
PurityPuritySingle-channel CE
Process Related ImpuritiesElemental ImpuritiesUSP <233>
Residual SolventsUSP <467>
SafetyEndotoxinUSP <85> limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL)
BioburdenUSP <61/62>
YieldUV/VisOptical Density at 260nm
GeneralAppearanceVisual Inspection

Product data

The functional performance of 100 nt Cas9 sgRNAs targeting HPRT1 was studied using a cell-based editing activity assay in K562 cells (a human leukemia cell line) and an in vitro cleavage assay. As shown in Figure 1, pilot-run gRNAs performed better than the guide RNAs with the same sequence but purified using the standard desalt method. However, similar in-cellulo % editing and in vitro % cleavage performance were observed with pilot runs and HPLC-purified guide RNAs. Moreover, different pilot runs exhibited similar functional activity, demonstrating batch-to-batch consistency.

Figure 1. Functional performance of 100 nt Cas9 sgRNAs targeting HPRT1 when used in K562 CRISPR editing and in vitro DNA cleavage experiments. CRISPR editing outcomes were assessed via NGS using the rhAmpSeq™ CRISPR Analysis System following electroporation (Lonza) into K562 cells. Cas9-mediated DNA cleavage in vitro was assessed using the Fragment Analyzer system. (n = 3, error bars represent standard deviation. RUO controls were purified using either HPLC or standard desalt methods).

This data is generated from pilot runs on equivalent Q7 equipment using representative Q7 manufacturing processes, methods, and tests.

Frequently asked questions


cGMP gRNA products are manufactured in accordance with ICH Q7. The purchaser is solely responsible for all decisions regarding the intended use of the product and any associated legal or regulatory obligations.